Saturday, January 2, 2010

Super Car: Ferrari Gas-Electric Supercar

Ferrari is now going to launch their new gas-electric supercar. They have super that could be arriving through early spring along with the latest reports.

This coming spring they will launch their latest reports along with Italy’s “Quattroroute Magazine” which will showcase this great release. The new decade is going to be all about advanced and high power environmentally friendly cars. 2010 will thus see the hybrid base on 588 GTB Fiorano.

This is going to be a new setting that will be rumored to make for Geneva auto show next March. There is going to be overall 35% improvement in fuel economy facilitation. The new gas fuel Ferrari is going to bring some great aspirations and desires with overall great features. This is focused on keeping an environmental balance with work.

There are going to be improved handling along with the greater plan for the launch of a hybrid drivetrain. The successor to the presently talked about car would be the drivetrain. It has been called the 612 Scaglietti with all the improved handling along with its planned launch in 2014.

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The Supercar Directory said...

It's refreshing to know that high performance car manufacturers are also beginning to produce hybrid eco cars like this one... you never know, it might even bring Jeremy Clarkson round to the idea of something other than a petrol engine!